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Applying with DB Finance

Can I apply for a personal loan if I am on centerlink?

centerline payment is an acceptable form of income, unemployed person can apply for a loan if can service the repayment of the 

what is the lowest interest rate for personal loan?

Personal Loan interest rate depends on your credit score start ay 6.99% per annum. we do free finance assessment and free interest rate estimator before any application

Why should I choose Line of Credit?

The main benefits of a Line of Credit are accessibility and flexibility. The funds can be withdrawn very easily and can be used for whatever purpose you need it to serve. You can also make extra repayments on your account at any time, which can save you in interest. Also, there are no fees for having the account open.

What is low doc loan?

Low doc home loan is a home loan designed for self employed base income who have been working but cant provide all documents required by full doc loans
its a bit higher interest rate but very helpful for many self employed

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Can I view the DB Finance Privacy Policy?

Yes. As we believe in being transparent, all our policies are available on our website and can be accessed here.

How do I stop receiving marketing emails?

You can opt out of our marketing communications at any stage, simply select the “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of a DB Finance email or SMS, and we will remove you from special offers or announcement emails.If you think you have received something that looks suspicious, please call us on 1300 587 966. Remember, we will never ask you to log into your account directly from an email, always type into your browser.