Time to call in the big guns? If you need heavy duty machines for your place of work, ask us about our Heavy Machine Finance and how many people benefit from this service.

Machinery financing can provide you with the funds you need quickly as well as repayment flexibility.

If you are looking to invest in new machinery, equipment or vehicles, a machinery finance solution could be a good option for you. With machinery finance, funding is typically available quickly, the application process is simple, and it even offers GST advantages.

Heavy machines are often costly to introduce and then even costlier to maintain. This is due to the dozens of technicalities that come with complex industrial machinery as well as repair and handling costs. This is usually amplified if the equipment needs rigorous testing and upkeep to stay in operation. Finance options for heavy machines usually rely on several different factors, especially when borrowing from bigger financial institutions such as banks.

The benefit of using us as your finance provider is that you are offered a more tailored and customised approach to your loan options, covering a wider range of details and specifications than you would normally be entitled to. We can even advise you on the financial benefits this kind of equipment can secure you come tax time. So if you are looking to finance machinery over a longer term and ensure the repayment process is manageable and feasible, then get in touch with us today.